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Mold Rammer for Sand Casting

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Thor has his Hammer, I have my Rammer.

Foundry Furnace – Final

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UPDATE: I have to stop saying “final iteration!” The latest upgrade to the foundry furnace is a Babbington style burner for the waste oil. The Babbington burner atomizes the waste oil fuel before injecting it into the furnace and make for much more controllable and stable combustion. The burner is built

Babbington Burner upgrade to the Foundry Furnace

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Foundry Furnace Part 4 – Gasoline Burner

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This video is an overview of the gasoline burner systems and a test firing of the foundry furnace: Gasoline and Waste Oil Foundry Furnace from Jake von Slatt on Vimeo. Jake von Slatt's gasoline and waste oil foundry, tour and test firing of the gasoline injector system. For the

Foundry Furnace – Part 3 – Casting the Refractory

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This is the top of the furnace, it needs a 2" hole to let the hot gasses escape so I hammered a tapered dowel into the pipe fitting and used a hole saw on my Milwaukee Magnum Hole-shooter (The most powerful hand drill known to man – use the

Foundry Furnace – Part 2

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I wasn't quite ready to start in with the grinding and welding this past Monday so I thought I'd ease into the day by adapting these photo-copy station lights I found at the dump to my drill press.  They sure do make hitting that little automatic punch dimple a

Foundry Furnace – Part 1

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This past Monday I finally got started on my foundry project!  I’ve been collecting material for some time so I was ready to roll once Maker Faire ’09 concluded.  The goal is to built a foundry furnace capable of melting brass and perhape iron, if I’m lucky.   I’m