Stonybrook Fine Arts- DIY space in Boston

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I’ve been chillaxing for awhile now in Boston. It’s very unusual that I stay in a place for more than 3 nights, and I’ve been here 3 weeks. The reason for my extended stay is Stonybrook Fine Arts, a bad-ass DIY space, classroom, metal shop. This is exactly the sort of place that I love- a place for anyone to come and learn skills, to get hands on, and get a little greasy. While I’ve spent my time sculpting and casting bronze memorials to my crashed car, they also offer classes in welding, mold making, jewelry, figure sculpting, and more. Basically, you can come here, learn how to use your hands and wield power tools, and, goshdarnit, make shit.

To top it off, they allow hourly rental of the shop for people who can’t necessarily house a full metal and casting shop. Which is all of you.If you’re in the Boston area, or know DIY-ers that are, I can’t recommend the shop highly enough.