Steampunk Cruise on Sydney Harbor

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Patrick writes:

On the 19th of December I had the good fortune to be a part of a Steampunk Cruise aboard a restored 1902 Steamship called 'The Waratah'. It was a truly incredible Steampunk event and we were fortunate enough to have had a professional photographer onboard with us.

I am most jealous of these fine folk as they cruise the warm waters of the Southern hemisphere whilst I sit through yet another New England Winter.



Oh they do look like they are having a fine time!

Well most of them anyway! That sky is ominous!

Ah! The Filthy Look is catching on! I like it!

Pince nez and acetylene!

Up to no good, no doubt!

Also up to no good, I am sure!

Balmy breezes off the water.

I think this qualifies as "Doing it Right." 

You'll find many more wonderful shots over at Patrick's Flickr including the marvelous slide show!