Halloween Decorations 2007

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Flying Crank Ghost !!

Here’s a daylight movie of our implementation of the PhantasMechanics Flying Crank Ghost:

And here’s a night time shot:

Field Trip to Hell !!

Pictures of our complete Hallowe’en setup are coming but I thought I’d share with you the main attraction this year. Our theme is "Field Trip to Hell" and we’ve pressed our old school bus into service.

We lined the interior with plastic sheeting to obscure the insides and the girls made posterboard cut-outs of children which we taped inside.

Lighting is provided by several colored 25 watt incandescent bulbs and I used a technique learned from the heroes at PhantasMechanics to make the bulbs flicker erratically.

You simply put a florescent lamp starter in series with the bulb. An FS-2 works well, an FS-22 flashes at a slightly slower rate. A starter rated for a lamp over 30 watts will not work at all as the argon glow lamp needs the higher voltage provided in those fixture to trigger.

See the video for more information.