The fragment of Empire – by Filimon

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Bohema writes:

I’ve been followin’ your site for quite long time. Always enjoyed it. Keyboard mods are awesome. Speaking about mods.
Don’t know if your know about Filimon. That’s a Russian modder producing steampunk various mods. They are insanely jaw dropping mods that leave me every time speachless . . .

His mod worklogs can be found at The Best Case Scenario forums. Lately he came up with insane idea for keyboard in "<<The fragment of Empire>> (a very simple mod)" thread. Do not be fooled by very simple mod. Attention to details is much bigger than in any other top-notch mods out there.

Follow the thread for the whole build and note about halfway through he moves on to a build log for an even more impressive keyboard!

Thanks Bohema!