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Libby's Steampunk Fashion Gift Guide

As previously mentioned by Jake, I'm in charge of the wearables for this year's SPWS gift guides. So, without further ado, thus follows a selection of items that might find a lovely home in the wardrobes of you and yours.

I've included prices, which range from stocking-stuffer to bank-breaking, and sizes where applicable. My goal was to display mostly unisex items, bespoke, or clothes that are available in a wide range of sizes, that can be worn daily instead of just for special occasions. Some of these items are store-bought; some are handmade. I've bought a number of the following items myself, or witnessed them displayed by friends, and I can vouch for their quality.

Please enjoy all of the shiny! Click "read more" to see the whole list.

Jake's 2009 Steampunk Gift Guide - A few of my favorite things.

This year I decided to do something a little different with my gift guide. Rather than try for a steampunk theme, I decided to apply a steampunk philosophy.

I thought back over the things that I purchased that have pleased me greatly.  Often they were purchases that I agonized over.  Purchases where I stretched and bought something I really couldn't afford or where I bought the most expensive version of something rather than heeding the conventional wisdom of "shooting the middle."  

To quote Bruce Sterling:

It's not bad to own fine things that you like. What you need are things that you GENUINELY like. Things that you cherish, that enhance your existence in the world. The rest is dross.

So enjoy, these are a few of my favorite things . . . 


Seattle Antique Market

Back from a morning of shopping in Seattle.  Got Hungarian Paprika, Madras Curry, Bacon Band-aids and a pair of vintage drafting sets at the Seattle Antique Market.  This town is really growing on me!

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