3 axles, two busses, hybrid power: Bus-Zilla!

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On a recent trip to Portland, I was introduced to Brandon and Heather, and their project: Bus-Zilla! The project is also known as the Mutant Bus- and it is crazy, it is ridiculous, nearly impossible- and totally f’ing cool.The makers are taking a duo of 70’s VW vans- cutting, welding, splicing them into an articulated monster; with gas engine in the front and electric motor in the rear. They seem to be making quick progress, as well- it’s inteded to premier at Burning Man this year.Their build blog is extremely detailed, chronicling much of what is certainly a technical Everest.

From the Build Blog:

"A self powered hybrid articulating Volkswagen transporter. Built from two (2) buses, it is approximately 40ft long with accessory trailer and lizard costume. Drive train consists of both electric and gasoline motors. The gasoline engine is used on the highway, and the electric motor “PlayaDrive” is used on the Playa a more green form of transportation. BusZilla II has a total of 6 wheels, with 3 axles, 2 of which are powered at any one time…The main construction feature of BusZilla II is that it articulates (bends) between the 2nd and 3rd axle, much like a large metropolitan mass transit bus."

(the also let me drive their uni-mog around their sleepy suburban neighborhood, thus fulfilling my tank-girl fantasy)