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A Lens of Yesteryear

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By Isa Farnik If I had a nickel for every time the digital vs. analog photography debate has landed in my lap, I’d be rich. At those argumentative junctures, I reassure myself that it’s not the medium, but the subject which is important. It also underscores the importance/rewards in

Awesome, strange, weird mash-up micro-fad at Thingaverse

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Over at the Thingaverse, the free 3D model download community centered around the Makerbot, strange things are afoot. Or a leg, with a whistle sticking out of it on top of a gun.  It seems a mash-up fad has broken out, with people taking 2 or more models and

Greetings and Salutations

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Good day, gentlepeople. I am Annie, and I am thrilled to be here among the contributors at Steampunk Workshop. This is especially exciting for me because though my day job also involves writing (and a lot of editing), it's generally pretty topical (and that topic is videogames). While I