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Lastwear Kickstarter Project needs your support

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I'm backing these folks and you should too! "Because we support maker culture, we will release our production patterns on our site for download so that people can sew their own versions of our garments. In addition, we will be documenting our progress so that others can learn from

Multiple Maker Spaces

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It seems maker spaces are springing up everywhere. And that's really, really exciting. We're a part of a movement, a gathering force of change and hope. We gather at Faires, at Cons, at challenges. We make friends and learn from each other. We feel epic, because we do epic

Regresty: Things that are not steampunk

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  I am really loving hating Regretsy's current  "Things That are Not Steampunk" series. The postings all elicit a facepalm and then silent sobbing into said palm; both of hilarity and pity for the genre.

New Keyboards from Datamancer!

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Datamancer has two new keyboards for you to see an his site: The Reliquary and the gleaming new Marquis picture here. My understanding is that The Reliquary was made for a client but if you like the Marquis you can bid on it right now on eBay Click through for a