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The Gear Box

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  TxInkman writes: I dabble in the restoration of old wood maschinist’s chests. Gareth over at the Make blog wrote a very nice article about of a couple of my boxes and Toolmonger has featured a few of them. One you might particularly appreciate for it’s moderate Steampunkyness, the

Damnation Hildebrandt!

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Things have been far too quiet, I have heard nothing from the labs of my arch nemesis Jake-of-all-Trades Hildebrandt – and now I know why.  Not since Kirk bellowed "KHAAA….AAN!!" has the interwebs heard such exasperation!  So THIS is what you've been up to?  My god man, what have

Steampunk Kamaro (Camaro)

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When I was a boy I vividly recall encountering, for the first time,  a 1978 Camaro Z28 in a parking lot on my way home from school.  I was stunned! I thought: "OMG! This is F%$king Vader’s car!"  While I now value very different things, I still have a

Classy Mini Mod

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Isn’t this a classy iPod mod!  Neil Writes: Hi! I’ve created a steampunk ipod mod, and thought you might be of interest for the steampunk workshop. Well, it’s copper and wood, so it’s sort of steampunk at any rate (I’d put some valves on it, but it’s already the heaviest

Amazing Craigslist ad: ” A gentleman’s eclectic rare book library”

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I can't believe I stumbled upon this. If there's any time the internet can come close to the joy of finding a discarded love letter or lost writings of a crazed man, this is it. It's $300,000 dollars worth of rare books supplemented by a 3900 word Craigslist ad

Scott’s Wimshurst Machine!

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UPDATE: Plans for my Wimshurst Machine are now available here! Last year I wrote an article that appeared in the last Make: Magazine which outlined detailed steps for building a Wimshurst Influence machine. It’s a fairly involved project and I am gratified to see that people are actually building it!

Today! Wayfarers of the Gypsy Mansion in Seattle

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Those masterful mavens of music promotion, Bulloff and Brugh Present: WAYFARERS OF THE GYPSY MANSION – a musical bazaar of sorts with HUMANWINE, THE BLACKBIRD ORCHESTRA, NATHANIEL JOHNSTONE, TOY BOX TRIO, MEISCE, FINN VON CLARET, and DJ Q. Sunday, May 10, 2009 3 pm to 10 pm The Little

Discovery’s new show- Weaponizers

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Jake and I are having a bit of a discussion on the Discovery Channel's latest ploy to appeal to our nerdly senses. The show is called Weaponizers-in short, teams outfit vehicles with radio controls, fill them to the brim with gigantic (yes, real) guns, and then blast the living

Ani Niows steam-powered, erm, ‘magic wand’

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This thing is amazing, but seeing as how this is a family-friendly website, I have the full post over at my personal blog,