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New art by Aaron Ristau

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Back in October Meredith visited briefly with Aaron Ristau at Maker Faire Austin. Aaron is a sculptor who works primarily with found bits of technological detritus, from his website: Technology surrounds us. Products are obsolete within an ever decreasing amount of time, putting an increasing strain on our ability

Berkeley Opera goes Steampunk!

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Diane writes: See what you’ll be missing next week! (Yeah, yeah, rub it in that I am perpetually 5000 miles away from the action!  😉 ) Ten years ago the Oakland Tribune raved about David Scott Marley‘s sparkling English adaptation of Jacques Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffmann: "Marley’s neat,

Steam and Fabbing! Jay Leno’s Garage

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via Make:Blog

Gatehouse Gazette #5

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Ottens writes: Commemorating the anniversary of the birthday of Jules Verne, the Gatehouse Gazette celebrates “Extraordinary Voyages” this issue! Read an interview with the extraordinary fashion designer Miss Vecona and learn more about the adventure look from Miss Hilde Heyvaert’s “The Steampunk Wardrobe” column. She also tells you just

Make: Magazine – Build a Wimshurst Influence Machine

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Look what I found in my mailbox today! Sometime during Maker Faire last year Gareth Branwyn mentioned to me that he would be editing a "Lost Knowledge" issue of Make: Magazine and that I should consider writing an article. Of course, I immediately replied: "Dude! count me in!" UPDATE: Plans

Frankenstein PC Mod – most awesome Steampunk PC yet!

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Dana Writes: Hello, My name is Dana Mattocks.  I am 99 percent done with this SteamPunk Frankenstein Computer. This took me about a year to build.   Hopefully you will like.  I have a few more effects to finish.   Kindly, or Holy cow! this is awesome

Hey San Francisco (and L.A.)! Abney Park All Ages Shows in March!

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"Dammit, I’m on the wrong coast" is becoming an almost constant refrain for this Boston based Steampunk! However, all of my friends in San Francisco and Los Angeles will be on the right coast this March when that crew of drunken pilots and great friends of The Steampunk Workshop

Instruments for Natural Philosophy

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Long before I got into Steampunk, in fact long before that name had been coined, I had a love for scientific instruments. I would rescue the catalogues of instruments and demonstrations from the dumpster behind our school at the end of each year when the science teachers would discard

Magic Eyes

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(image: cyclopian overload magic eye) It was in Boston, and I was wandering up and down Center St. in search of a cup-o-joe and a bun. My spidey sense tingled and I turned: across the street, the silent siren-song for makers: a big, handwritten sign ‘FREE’ above a pile

McKeen Motor Car

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Oh my god isn’t she gorgeous! This is the McKeen Motor Car and she’s a pretty misfit and I love misfits more than just about anything else in this world.  She was originally gasoline powered but now sports a Caterpillar diesel engine. In fact, I do believe it is