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The Man’s Heart: New Kinetic Project – Part One

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I was commissioned this year by the Burning Man project to create a very special project: a beating, kinetic, heart for none other than The Man. Being on the build team for Mr. Splinters (El Hombre del Fuego, Dude Man, The Great False Idol) I was honored and wanted

The Alchemy of Stone – Ekaterina Sedia

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This book arrived in the post just as I was leaving for vacation so I was actually able to read it over a period of just 3 days – a rare thing for me!  Ms. Sedia draws a detailed picture of an ancient city ruled by a tripartite balance

Finds: Heathkit Shortwave, RadioPhone, and Timex Sinclair 1500

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More from the same house I found the radios a couple of weeks ago!  Here we have a classic Heathkit Shortwave Receiver, A Heathkit SWR meter (used for measuring antenna efficiency on transmitters) an RCA RadioPhone transmitter and a Timex Sinclair 1500.  My first computer was a TS-1000, the

Steam-mench Jay Leno’s 1909 Stanley

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For our next instalment of Jay Leno Wednesday here at the Steampunk Workshop we have Jay stepping us through the start-up procedure for a 1909 Stanley and then giving us a ride.  Well worth the watch if only for the part where Jay burns all of the hair off

Agatha Heterodyne and the Voice of the Castle

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At Comic-Con this year, Phil Foglio was kind enough to give me a copy of the newest Girl Genius book. I've been a fan of the series for a while, flitting in and out as my time and internet connection would allow. But with this book, I'm hooked!  The

Voyages Extraordinaires – Steampunk Month

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The incomparable fiction blog Voyages Extraordinaires has declared August Steampunk Month! Voyages Extraordinaires is a weblog for people of intelligence and good breeding who enjoy Victorian-Edwardian Scientific Romances and Retro-Futurism, Victoriana and Neo-Victorianism, Voyages Extraordinaires and Imperialist Romances, Gothic Horror, Pulp Fiction, the Golden Ages of Hollywood and of

TJG Engineering – Steampunk iPhone on eBay

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I’m sure you’ll all remember The James Gang from the New York Times style section piece on steampunk a while back.  In the article they talked about a high end Steampunk boutique in Manhattan.  Well, TJG Engineering may be ready to come out of ‘stealth mode’ as they now

STMPNK License Plates

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So I got vanity plates for my kit car that read STMPNK but when I did a search on that term I just got unkind and disemvowled Boingboing comments so I acquired the domain and I've been dropping crumbs around the net like this to boost its position

Podcast: Steampunk Panel at ReaderCon

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Many of you likely read the Steampunk Panel at ReaderCon story on io9 about a week ago.  We were fortunate to hear about this ahead of time and offered to podcast the discussion here and we’re very pleased and grateful that the panelists accepted our offer! Thanks especially to