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Toyota Sienna Evaporative Canister (P0446) and SVS Valve Repair or Think Like a Maker

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Update: The procedure described below did fix the problem and the repaired SVS valve lasted for about 18 months before the vehicle started throwing the same code. I replaced the SVS valve with the one listed below and the car has not thrown any codes for the past two years. If

Abney Park Interview with Rebecca Firth

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Captain Robert  of the band Abney Park talks to Rebecca Firth about their music and Steampunk in an Interview at YouFINDit. [For some reason they've chosen to stream the mp3 with the horrible Micro$oft Media Server so if you can't listen from the above page, gank the mp3 from

Steampunk Spectacular #4

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Steampunk Spectacular #4 is out at last!

Books: Perfume – Patrick Suskind

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Perfume, by Patrick Suskind, follows the life of a man born in Paris, 1738 with no personal odor; a disquieting feature that people only notice subconsciously. This man, John-Baptiste Grenouille is best described by Suskind as “one of the most gifted and abominable personages in an era that knew

Cory Gross’ A History of Steampunk: Part V – Putting the Punk into Steampunk

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In a brilliant cap to his series "A History of Steampunk" Cory Gross over at Voyages Extraordinaires has posted this cogent analysis of the coming course of Steampunk sub-culture.  Boy that guy can write! I am immensely flattered that he’s credited me with initiating the controversy on the Brass

Burning Man Setup

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Here's a short on setup for Burning Man (via Make:Blog) if you watch closely I believe you can spot our own Meredith Scheff who is on Man Crew this year and is the builder of the Man's Heart. Alas, I won't be going this year. But perhaps next year

Jay Leno’s 1906 Stanley – “It’s like driving your own coffin!”

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Hi Everyone, sorry I missed the last two Jay Leno Wednesday posts! I was in Hawaii on holiday and with Meredith at Burning Man things have been kind of quiet. Well I’m back and so is Jay and his 1906 Stanley.

Comic Book Tattoo – Tori Amos

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As anyone who's hung out with me for more than a short while knows, I'm a long time Tori Amos fan. Well Tori's latest project Comic Book Tattoo is an intersection of two of our favorite worlds here at The Steampunk Workshop; music and comic books. From the Amazon

The Man’s Heart, part three: what goes around?

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The plan, or at least, what I had been calling a plan, pretty much had ended here: the three metal parts had been designed and cut, with great thanks to the water-jet friend.  They fit together, but really weren’t a machine, yet- rough and already rusty, it was time

The Man’s heart, part two: Moving between two worlds

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I’ll say right now where my machine expertise lies: old, beated down, barely working things that I can fix or at least mutate into some other whirling, spinning thing. Bicycles, covered in grease, hacked apart and put back together. Old Volkswagens. Unidentifiable hunks of wires and gears. Ethereal computer