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SCRA: Webcomic Questionable Content invents most awesome band, ever.

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  The always-awesome webcomic Questionable Content has been running a short series of fictional (but for how long?) band "Society for Creative Rock Anachronism". He’s only 2 strips into the story arc at the moment, but apparently response has been, well, wide-eyed geeky obsessive enthusiasm. Go check it out.

Artifacts for Steampunk Seditionists and Soldiers

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Ben is making these wonderful wartime posters from a different now and selling them on Etsy.  There are five in the series and they vary from the menacing one you see here to the inspirational and slightly Orwellian; "When We Mesh, We Succeed." See the rest at Attempted Artistry's

Dump Finds

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This weeks visit to the town's transfer station netted some nice brass bits that I think will find their way onto the car project and another old typewriter.  

Jules Vernian Analog Synthesizer

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It makes me happy when people write me about things they’ve made, and when they’ve been inspired or have adopted techniques they’ve learned from the Steampunk Workshop it makes me very happy indeed! Peter wrote me a while back with some pictures of his latest project, a Jules Verne

Books: The Portable Curmudgeon – Jon Winokur

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I've always disliked quotes. It seems to me that if you're going to say something, you might as well say it yourself. It doesn't help that I rarely hear a quote that hasn't been beaten to death harder then a punching bag at a military training base. I swear, if I

The Telectroscope

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Everyone has been sending me Telectroscope links! It’s been well covered in the blogosphere so I wasn’t going to mention it here but Datamancer just sent me a link to a Wall Street Journal video by Andy Jordan, the fellow who profiled Doc a while back. Enjoy!  

The Brass Lion – Steampunk Recumbent

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You'll recall I posted a picture of my recumbent bike last week and that one of things I wondered aloud was how one would go about steampunkifying a bike?  Well Eric and Alan – a.k.a. Steuben's Wheelmen – sent me a whole passel of new photos that show exactly

Rusty, corroded, extremelly beautiful jewlery comes with free tetanus shot

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  The jewelry made by Flickr user The Justified Sinner does not, in fact, come with a painful jab to the arm; but is extremely beautiful. I would love to adorn myself in his creations- the rust and polish are SP’s version of denim and lace. Seen here is

Sequential Glass – Steampunk Resource

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I am often asked where I acquire the materials I use in my work. The answer isn’t really simple as they come from a multitude of sources like our town dump, dumpster diving, craigslist, roadside trash pick-up, as well as gifts from friends and family. But there is one

Books: Mark Z. Danielewski – House of Leaves

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House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski is the sort of book that people tend to either hate or love. The text is infuriatingly complicated, even though its message and storyline are quite simple. Major reviews of the book swing from commentary on Danielewski’s genius to criticism regarding the