Yr Doin’ It Right #2 – Flickr Favorites

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5314mOne of my favorite late-night time-wasting activities is trolling Flickr for shiny bits. There are so many glorious puddles of inspiration nestled in photo sets and galleries, and I adore frolicking through them. I'd like to share with you some of my tasty findings in regards to vintage punk fashion. Delish.

Thank you to all of the models, photographers, artists, and designers whose work I reference below. Click through the photos for additional details. <3

[Image to the right is of Magdalene Veen, taken by The Dag Lab. Stained fishnet stockings make sexy arm accessories.]




 Dandy - 4

A fantastically androgynous and playful outfit by Saint Plan. This is a Utilkilt done right.

SF Tweed Ride

San Francisco Tweed Riders by by y3rdua. Love the big scarf and the extra long arm warmers.

nickleby top-hat

The lovingly tattered Nickleby top-hat by gibbousfashions.

DSC_0312 (1 of 1)SM

Qais Fulton, rocking a fantastic layered outfit with striped trousers. Photo by Angel Ceballos, a.k.a. robotangel.

Victorian bloomers + dyed rubber

Never have I desired latex so intensely. Cotton Victorian bloomers and defetishized (refetishized?) dyed rubber stockings by toybreaker.

Dress up, just not in costume

"Dress up, just not in costume" by B_Zedan, who in my humble opinion, can do no wrong.


Thank you!