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UPDATE Nov. 2013 – SPWS is no longer seeking new writers, thank you for your interest!  – Jake.
Steampunk Workshop is looking for articles and writers. We are looking to move away from a short-form blog format and wish to publish more substantive articles relevant to steampunk and maker culture.
We going to start out offering $50 per article (1000-2000 words) and will happily negotiate more if you have a juicy subject. We have budget for 1-2 articles per month and may buy a month or two ahead. Yeah, we’re a small outfit.
If you would like to write for us please read these guidelines

Pitch us your story idea! Of course we love build articles so if you’ve made something awesome we would love to see it but not all articles have to be builds. SPWS is a site that covers things that steampunks like, not necessarily steampunk things. Fashion, culture, making, art, sewing, music, and more are all fodder for articles.  Even stuff that's wildly off topic are cool, as long as you can relate it in some way to steampunk, maker culture, or counter culture in general. At this time we are not considering works of fiction but that may change in the future. We want to emphasize that the idea is to pull new ideas into steampunk, not evangelize.
Link us to your published writing or send us a sample! Show us what you’ve done in the past, and more importantly, that you can indeed write. 
Pictures! We are a big believers in the adage that “every blog post needs at least one image.” Images need to be your copyright or Creative Commons with proper attribution. Images have to also be engaging and germain to the rest of the article. Tell us about how you’ll illustrated your article. Please send us the highest resolution images you have.
Copyright and exclusivity: You retain copyright on your work. What we purchase is the right to publish it in perpetuity and the exclusive right to publish it for 30 days. In other words if we buy your article you must sit on it for 30 days after we publish it at SteampunkWorkshop.com and thereafter you may do with it as you will. If we buy an article and don’t publish it our right to exclusivity expires after 1 year.
Links: You are welcome to link your own personal site and any site directly relevant to the piece. No paid links of any type and no advertising. That said, it’s perfectly fine to write about a cool company doing neat things, even if it is your own company! We are not opposed to commerce but we are anti-capitalist with anarchic tendencies. Keep that in mind.
● Don'ts:
  • No "definition of steampunk" pieces.
  • No linkfests.
  • Don't write in over-wrought psuedo-Victorian speak, we hates it.
  • No guns. This is a long standing rule. For the record we believe in the right to keep and bear arms, but we are deeply uncomfortable around people brandishing fake guns no matter how outlandish. 

Your pitch should outline where you want to go with the article. Like a painters sketch, it should be a complete representation of the subject, just without the detail and supporting light and shadow. Here's a short example:

Dear Editor:

I would like to write an article for you about social networking, fashion, and computer added manufacturing. I'll explore the connections between these topics, tell you why I think it's important, and make some predictions about what these new technologies will do to the fashion industry (hint: it willl mirror what's happend to the music industry.

I expect the piece to be about 1500 words and include one or two images.

Here are some articles I've had published in the past:



And then the article you submit would look something like this:


If we like what you propose to write about and think it’s in line with what we offer here at Steampunk Workshop we’ll commission the article and pay you upon receipt of the text and images.  
PayPal is our preferred method of payment but we can make other arrangements if necessary.
You are welcome to submit a previously unpublished article in it’s entirety on speculation, but it may not be what we are looking for and please don’t be upset if we decide to pass.
If you would like to write for us please contact: editor@steampunkworkshop.com
Jake, et al.