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Girl Genius Radio Theater Microphone

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I generally don't do commisions. But occasionally a conversation will spark an idea for a project and I'll create something like this microphone. In this case it was a conversation with Cheyenne Wright, one of the artists behind the Girl Genius webcomic and it took place at SteamCon 2009. Cheyenne,

Greetings and Salutations

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Good day, gentlepeople. I am Annie, and I am thrilled to be here among the contributors at Steampunk Workshop. This is especially exciting for me because though my day job also involves writing (and a lot of editing), it's generally pretty topical (and that topic is videogames). While I

“Music, Merriment, and Men in Skirts”

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Abney Park on the Main stage at SteamCon II Well I had a fantastic time in Seattle a couple of weeks ago at SteamCon II! I promised to be a correspondent for Beyond Victoriana for this one so you'll need to head over there to read about the convention,

Blackbird Orchestra at SteamCon II

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Update: It's even better because I just found out that Unwoman (Erica Mulkey) is playing 3 songs with Blackbird Orchestra at SteamCon! OMG! Squee! her Casualties and The Keys albums have been in my rotation since she issued them. Oh Cool! I've just discovered that Blackbird Orchestra is playing SteamCom II

SteamCon Seattle Twitterstream

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Jake von Slatt   vonslatt   @VonClaret Thanks! it was mostly @LibbyBulloff ‘s doing – both in concept and execution, I was just the pretty dirty face!2 hours ago  @yoyojedi The pleasure was all mine! (as well as the spidery red marks all up and down my arm) Will be in touch for