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Who Ya Gonna Call? 2014 Hallowe’en Decorations

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This year our theme for Hallowe’en was Ghostbusters! The inspiration was my wife’s as she looked at the 1973 VW Type III Squareback that is sitting in our driveway. Her name (the car, not my wife) is Adelaide and I am fixing her up for a friend. She will

Chandelier Candle Retro-fit

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When we moved into our house there was an electric chandelier in our dining room.  It was an adequate enough fixture but incandescent chandeliers are terribly inefficient, six 25 watt bulbs actually put out a fraction of the amount of light as a single bulb of half the combined

Microwave Motor Flying Crank Ghost

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This is my cheap and easy version of the classic Phantasmechanics Flying Crank Ghost and it utilizes a carousel motor from a discarded microwave oven and some bits of scrap wood for the armature.   Most modern microwave ovens have a small 110 volt synchronous motor that rotates the

Hallowe’en 2008

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This year’s theme was The Wizard of Oz.  I hacked up a rear projection TV that I got off of Craigslist to be the Great and Powerful Oz.  The original intent was to use the then working TV to present the image from a camera.  Unfortunately, the moment I

Halloween Decorations 2007

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Flying Crank Ghost !! Here’s a daylight movie of our implementation of the PhantasMechanics Flying Crank Ghost: And here’s a night time shot: Field Trip to Hell !! Pictures of our complete Hallowe’en setup are coming but I thought I’d share with you the main attraction this year. Our

Halloween Decorations 2006

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Well, we haven't done a Steampunk Hallowe'en yet – maybe next year.  This year's the theme is "Pirates" of course.  It's a big year for Pirates. This is Geoffrey, he's a version of the Phantasmechanics Flying Crank Ghost .  Click to view the movie. There's a bit more tweaking to