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Hexayurt for Burning Man

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Update: Well painting the yurt was a bad idea, at least using the paint to shield the tape from the sun was. For the most part it adhered very well to the tape, but after a week in the hot sun it lost flexibility and flaked off. We had

Man Krew

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  (photo: myself at the 2009 Man Build) About 23 miles north of the middle of nowhere lies a small, innocuous ranch. A sign, about the same prominence as the NO TRESPASSING beside it, identifies it as Black Rock Station Storage and Production Facility. This is Burning Man's work ranch.

3 axles, two busses, hybrid power: Bus-Zilla!

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On a recent trip to Portland, I was introduced to Brandon and Heather, and their project: Bus-Zilla! The project is also known as the Mutant Bus- and it is crazy, it is ridiculous, nearly impossible- and totally f’ing cool.The makers are taking a duo of 70’s VW vans- cutting,

The Mans Heart

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Here’s a picture of the completed heart of The Burning One built by our own Meredith Scheff! This is a screen grab from the incredible Fullscreen Gigapan of the Man at Gigapan.org!

Burning Man Setup

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Here's a short on setup for Burning Man (via Make:Blog) if you watch closely I believe you can spot our own Meredith Scheff who is on Man Crew this year and is the builder of the Man's Heart. Alas, I won't be going this year. But perhaps next year

The Man’s Heart: New Kinetic Project – Part One

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I was commissioned this year by the Burning Man project to create a very special project: a beating, kinetic, heart for none other than The Man. Being on the build team for Mr. Splinters (El Hombre del Fuego, Dude Man, The Great False Idol) I was honored and wanted