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Victorian RV - Bedroom Redecorated

Steampunk School bus RV Victorian BedroomI've never been completely satisfied with the Captain's cabin of my bus. The original ceiling in this section was finished with perforated steel sound absorbing panels that did a good job making it quiet but collected soot and dirt and were virtually uncleanable. My solution to this problem was to cover them with cloth. At the same time I decided to cover the rearmost windows with insulation and to do some decorative wood working using the carcas of an old pump organ that was found in the trash by the roadside.

Click through for more pictures of the finished bedroom.

Magnolia Pearl

I love small spaces, tiny houses, and non-traditional campers, so the Magnolia Pearl, an Airstream trailer, pushes all of my buttons!  Add to the lush sensuous interior the fact that the tow vehicle is a classic Rolls Royce on what appears to be a 4 wheel drive truck chassis and I am lost. Lost!

I'm starting to do some work on my bus again and these have photos inspired me to do something special for the master bedroom, there are some hints as to my plans after the cut!

Skylights for Jake's School Bus RV Conversion

As is so often the case this project began when I got tired of tripping over the two skylights I had pulled from the town dump a couple of years ago.

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DIY RV Macerator Pump

When you own an RV one of the things you have to deal with is dumping the waste tanks at the end of your stay in a campground.  This is generally not a big deal, you pull up to the dump station, usually located along the driveway on your way out, hook up your waste hose and dump your tanks by opening the 3" slide valve.

But what do you do if you go camping somewhere other than a campground?  Well, south of the Mason-Dixon line you will find  numerous facilities where you can dump for free or for a small fee, but such services seem to be a whole lot rarer up North.  In my case we often take the RV up to visit my sister and her family in Maine and park in their driveway. There's really no conveinient place to dump when we return.

So I decided to see if I could cobble something up to make this task easier.

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