Alternative to Typewriter Keys

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Marcus writes:

There are only so many broken typewriters in the world – so it’s going to be difficult to get my hands on a decent set of keys.  You can’t get them on ebay here in Europe, importing them from the US would’ve been hilariously expensive – so I had to think of something else.

What I’ve found is a certain kind of fastener (like brass fasteners for envelopes, only with a fancy little gemstone instead of the brass knob). You open it, discard the stone and what you get is a perfect ‘key frame’. Just print your labels, cut glasses out of polycarbonate sheet, cardboard backplates and you’re done.

 He’s put together a nice write up that you can find here.  Great work Marcus!


Update: Jacqui dropped me a link to some interesting looking typewriter key tokens at Oriental Trading. – Thanks Jacqui!