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Guest Post: The Ferris Hybrid

I'm excited to tell you that we have a guest author today!  Brandon Boyer is an engineering student at Ferris State University who is involved with the school's team build a diesel/electric hybrid car to compete in the Formula Hybrid International Competition in New Hampshire in April and May. - Jake

By Brandon Boyer

In 1901, Queen Victoria of The United Kingdom passed away. The same year Ferdinand Porsche developed the first ever hybrid vehicle, the Löhner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid. Today the spirit of Victorian ingenuity and know-how lives on. In Chilly Big Rapids Michigan, a small group of international engineering students are working towards their common goal, competing in the SAE International Hybrid Competition in New Hampshire later this year.


Wayne Strattman to show at CRMI!


Remember the Borg from Star Trek? Wayne Strattman is the artist responsible for lighting up their ship with high-voltage plasma. He is the world’s most famous kinetic plasma glass artist, and on July 15th, he will have his first solo museum show at The Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation!
You'll find more information on his web site: http://www.strattman.com/products/

Cliff's Wimshurst Machine

Cliff writes:

Thanx for the information and plans. I built this out of salvaged parts from work and purchased lamp finds, the wood pulleys and parts were turned by me. The guys I work with love it. By the way I work at a power plant.

Nothing makes me happier then hearing that I've inspired someone to make something, and when the result is as beautiful as Cliff's Wimshurst? Shear joy!  - Jake.

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Edison Electric Speedboats

Growing up near a lake, there were two types of boat people: speed-boat people and patio-boat people. As I sipped drinks from the comfort of a floating drunk-tank, I never really understood the appeal of speed-boats (especially on a lake without, you know, outlets).

Edison Marine, however, makes a damn sexy wooden speedboat. Not only that, but they make a damn sexy electric wooden speedboat. If you've never been out on a lake before, boats- especially speed boats and sea-doos- create a truly obnoxious amount of emisions. It's great to see an EV done so beautifully, and for the pocket-friendly price of $120k.


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