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Steampunk Home Decor - Light Switch Plates

brass light switch plates - Steampunk DecorA couple of months ago The Lady and I came to the realization that we had painted the walls and woodwork in every room in our home except for the master bedroom.  Our house was built in the 1970's and this means beige and brown decor.  Thus, our bedroom was just about the most depressing of any of the rooms in our home.

We set about to remedy this post haste!  We began by painting the walls a pleasant sage green and changing the woodwork from a dark brown stained pine to a contrasting French Cream.

When it came time to change out the light switch plates, I thought I'd make a few in the Steampunk style.

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A Visit to a Steampunked Home

ModVic - The Modern Victorian Steampunk HomeIf you dropped by my house you'd probably be disappointed. Because (with the exception of my office, which is more post-apocalytic than anything else) it's simply not very steampunk. I do have plans, but none have come to fruition.

However, a couple of weeks ago I was invited by Bruce Rosenbaum to visit his home in Sharon, Massachusetts and what I found there was just stunning!

Chandelier Candle Retro-fit

When we moved into our house there was an electric chandelier in our dining room.  It was an adequate enough fixture but incandescent chandeliers are terribly inefficient, six 25 watt bulbs actually put out a fraction of the amount of light as a single bulb of half the combined wattage, and while they do make candelabra base compact fluorescent bulbs, I find their light cold, harsh, and they are not very dim-able.

Besides, nothing beats real candle light for a romantic dinner at home.

Read on for details on converting an electric chandelier back to candles . . .

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