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The Majestic Bellowphone - Hungarian Dance #5

My friend Len Solomon writes: "Here's a clip of the Hungarian Dance #5, performed on the Majestic Bellowphone. The piece was originally scored for 4-hand bellowphone, but I come to find out that I'm the only one who plays this contraption, so I used my version; adapted for 2 hands and a foot."

SPWS Youtube Channel

Hi folks! I'm going to be making a concerted effort to post more videos of my projects. I'll continue with the step-by-step photos and write-ups but I'm going to augment those with video overviews and to that end I've acquired a new video camera and set up a Youtube Channel.  Subscribe to The Steampunk Workshop Youtube Channel Now!

New(ish) Sewing Machine into an Old Table

Some time ago I found an antique White sewing machine at the dump. At first glance it looked to be in really good shape but upon closer inspection it was clear that it had sat in a damp environment for a long, long time. The hide glue on most of the wooded parts was no longer holding them together, the machine itself had rust inside and out, and the cast iron treadle frame was broken in two places. The machine sat in the corner of my office for a couple of years until I found a portable sewing machine from the 1970's that was almost unused and worked perfectly. That's when I decide to combine the two and make this a useful piece of furniture once again.

. . .

VW Type 3 Replacement Carburetor Linkage

I'm working on an old Volkswagen Type 3 for a friend, she's sort of an automotive foster child. The car in question is a 1972 VW Squareback named Adelaide and she is in surprisingly good shape except for her motor. Fortunately I have in my warehouse a spare Type 3 engine that was given to me by my father-in-law several years ago that will fit Adelaide perfectly.

Unfortunately, some of the parts for her carburetors needed to be fabricated.

Seattle rock show! 10/13: Ghost Town Gospel, The Mongrel Jews, and Thee Hobo Gobelins



This weekend (Sunday, October 13th) in Seattle THREE count 'em THREE of SPWS's favorite bands are playing together! The Mongrel JewsGhost Town Gospel, and Thee Hobo Gobbelins are going to be rockin'  it up at Ballard's 2 Bit Saloon. I'll be there, jumping around and having a good time, and if you're in the area (or not! I flew here! In a plane!) you should come check out a great folk-punk-hobo-rock-hoedown. Info here. 


Altoids Tin Divider and Tweezers

One of my most popular projects has been the etched Altoids tins that I made for the Steampunk Bible article I wrote. For years I've carried one in my bag that I've used for various medications and vitamin pills when traveling. I had cut up one of those typical SMTWTFS pill boxes to make the dividers and while it worked well enough it was a royal pain to get the pills out with my no-so-slender fingers.

Prusa Mendel Mods

solid base for reprap prusa mendelI want to show you some of the recent modifications I've made to the RepRap Prusa Mendel 3D printer that I built. This was a pretty typical Prusa Mendel build. I used stainless Steel threaded rod and stainless Steel hardware which increased the cost a little bit but everything else was pretty much standard. I do like the stainless steel threaded rod it seems to have a nice smooth surface finish and everything moves smoothly. 

. . .

Dungeons & Dive Bars: A Music Industry Role Playing Game

The second in a series of articles from our friend Aaron Shay! - Jake

Welcome, dear adventurer, to the Land Of Music! A mystical and mysterious land where you are one of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of musicians are battling the beasts of poverty, hunger, debt, poor credit, rocky relationships and bad business practices, all in the name of someday succeeding. And EVERYONE can succeed, if your ambitions are humble enough!

Work together as a tight-knit community of like-minds, or against the other players as cutthroat, solipsistic prima donnas to achieve (and maintain) a Living Wage! Will your class be acoustic, or electronic? Will you incessantly play concerts or will you be a mysterious hermit who records one insanely good album every decade? Will you live in the quaint charm of Smalltownsbergville, the populous but unfashionable Middle City, or the overwhelming bustle of Mecha-Metropolis? The path towards achieving a Living Wage is yours to choose! 

Photo: JessyLou D'Aprile of Louography

Make:Blog 5 4 3 2 1 Things About . . .

... me! 

The lovely folks over at Make:Blog asked me to answer some questions for their 5 4 3 2 1 Things About . . . series and I was more than happy to oblige!

Steampunk Stahp! Or the Appropriation of Prada

Numi Prasarn is an artist, producer, and maker who has cut her teeth on a multitude of mediums and roles in the fashion and photography industries. Obsessed with fashion theory and with creating avenues for people to gain aesthetic control of their lives, Numi has turned to writing in places like Coilhouse and Pork Pie Hatters (and now Steampunk Workshop) to get her ideas on style and culture out.

A couple of days ago I tweeted a mini rant about people tying Prada's Fall 2012 Menswear collection to the Steampunk movement. It went a little something like this (Read bottom to top):

Twitter rant...

I figured it was time to stop just complaining and start some conversations... (Read More)


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