“The Devil’s Cloth” – Stripes In Steampunk

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Steampunk style–what is it? As tempting as it is to begin my residency here at SPWS as fashion reporter with a verbose and pretentious tirade about style philosophy, I believe my audience is likely informed and intelligent enough to already know enough about the genre to grok the basics.

Automatic: a robot art show

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If’n you’re in the SF bay area, I hight suggest checking out this group show bennifiting RoboGames 2010. (Disclaimer: I am in the show, but so are a heck of a lot of other great artists). Automatic for the people. Do sentient machines dwell on the existential circuit that leads

Marshmallow love

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I made a little watercolor for you guys. It’s a lady and her marshmallows..and welding gear. you can see various stages of the painting on my ustream channel. It’s up for sale in my Etsy Store.

Fashion Fridays at the Steampunk Workshop

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A few weeks ago, over some fine whiskey, Jake von Slatt asked me if I would be interested in writing for Steampunk Workshop on the topic of fashion trends within the genre. Part of me jumped for joy at another opportunity to collaborate with Jake…and admittedly, a voice in

Live painting on Ustream

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In addition to contributing here in word form, I am also a cartoonist and illustrator. I don’t always do steampunk thematic stuff, but today I am. So, for your viewing pleasure, im going to be Ustream-ing the watercolor-ing of the above drawing. The subsequent painting will then be for sale

New York Times Fashion & Style – Steampunk Influences?

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Are your ears burning? They should be because the New York Times is talking about you.  David Colman’s This just in from the 1890’s is a laundry list of Steampunk influence in fashion and style – yet the ‘s’ word is nowhere to be seen! Not long ago, big

Spine Earrings from Improbablecog

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While I was out in Seattle I got to know a fellow named Noah Beasley. I’ve known Noah online for a while and ran into him oh so briefly at Maker Faire, but the moment I stepped into his place I knew that we would hit it off because

Bruce’s Wimshurst Machine

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Bruce writes: Hi Jake, Attached are a couple current images of my 20 sector Wimshurst machine based on your construction article, with changes made as needed to suit locally available materials and to resolve some issues that showed up after the initial construction.  Click through to the full set

The Laboratory of Time: an Italian Steampunk Forum

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Numisi writes: …I write to you to represent the Italian Steampunk community. We have worked hard for a year to make this community emerge, trying to make people know what Steampunk is also in Italy . . .we know that there are a lot of Italian Steampunks out there, but

Oxford Steampunk Exhibition Documentary

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A very nice documentary about the Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science. This exhibition was curated by Art Donovan who you will recall did a similar gallery show in the Hamptons last year. [Via Make:Blog]