Oxford Steampunk Exhibition Documentary

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Rechargable Lantern Battery Flashlight Mod

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I have several 6 volt lantern flashlights kicking around the shop.  However, I never use them because I generally baulk at the $7 they want for a lantern battery that can't be recharged. But the other day I noticed a 4Ah 6 volt recharable lead acid battery at Home

SteamPunk Magazine author and G20 protests – Update

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Over at Birds Before the Storm Margaret Killjoy tells a disturbing tale of police response to demonstrations at the G20 in Pittsburgh.  One of the people arrested is SteamPunk Magazine author Professor Calamity and he is being held on felony charges for 'tweeting' police movements during the protests.  To be

Toyota Yaris Battery Light On – Repair

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The day after I returned from SteamCon in Seattle I got into the car to go to the day job and discovered that my battery light was on in my 2007 Toyota Yaris.  Being an old Volkswagen man I resisted the urge to get out and hammer on the

The Steampunk Bible Wants You!

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Noted Archivist Seeks Steampunks to Index: World Fantasy Award winner Jeff VanderMeer’s The Steampunk Bible, published by Abrams Image, will provide a comprehensive and lavish overview of all aspects of Steampunk, in text and pictures. Research for this momentous and globe-spanning project includes the compilation of a comprehensive Archive of, and Index to, everything and everyone

SteamCon Seattle Twitterstream

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Jake von Slatt   vonslatt   @VonClaret Thanks! it was mostly @LibbyBulloff ‘s doing – both in concept and execution, I was just the pretty dirty face!2 hours ago  @yoyojedi The pleasure was all mine! (as well as the spidery red marks all up and down my arm) Will be in touch for

Chandelier Candle Retro-fit

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When we moved into our house there was an electric chandelier in our dining room.  It was an adequate enough fixture but incandescent chandeliers are terribly inefficient, six 25 watt bulbs actually put out a fraction of the amount of light as a single bulb of half the combined

Interview with a Steampunk

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I had the great privilege of meeting Whisper Merlot and many of the Penny Dreadfuls when we shot the Make:TV Steampunk piece a year ago this past July.  These folks truly are living the life.  Tor has a great interview with Whisper up on their site now. In addition

Steampunk Art @ Oxford

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The Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science opened yesterday! Art Donovan writes: I promise you that the art in this show is nothing like you have ever seen! Not to be "booster-ish" or anything, but I’ve had to wire my jaw closed after seeing the artist’s works

Microwave Motor Flying Crank Ghost

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This is my cheap and easy version of the classic Phantasmechanics Flying Crank Ghost and it utilizes a carousel motor from a discarded microwave oven and some bits of scrap wood for the armature.   Most modern microwave ovens have a small 110 volt synchronous motor that rotates the