Kevin Rolly’s photography

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(image: Kevin Rolly, AKA Kevissimo, seen here as SteamMonk) Friend and co-BurningMan-conspirator Kevin Rolly is a fantastic photographer- He often paints and collages photos, creating an otherworldy beauty. Link is to his Flickr site, which has some NSFW images.

Etsy Fashion Finds #1

Author: | Categories: Fashion, Steampunk No comments is indubitably Mecca for handmade steampunk clothing. Here are a few awesome pieces I dug up this morning. If you have any favorite Etsy sellers or items, feel free to leave them in the comments. Read on for details! Thank you.       1.) Wool Gabardine Dress

Why I believe in Maker Culture

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Cult of Done #9: People without dirty hands are wrong. Doing something makes you right. Hi, I'm willow bl00 (aka Willow Brugh), and you'll see me poke my head in here from time to time. I live in Seattle (I think it's the promised land), alongside the likes of

Quaintrelles, Dandies, and Flâneurs #3

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~~~~~ Back with another round of street fashion and casual, wearable steampunk! This week's featured soul is writer and critic Jessica Lawson. I stayed at her current residence in San Francisco last week as I toured with The Ghosts Project, and I was pleasantly surprised when she emerged in

The Fob

Author: | Categories: Uncategorized No comments / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Lynette Fibonacci was frustrated, after rebooting three times she still couldn’t get on the net. Maybe she would relent and let her boyfriend install his precious Linux – but then she was on and the thought faded from mind. Normally she loved her laptop,

Welcome to Jigsaw Renaissance!

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Hi Everyone! I'd like to introduce you to Seattle's latest Hacker/Maker/Community Space and good friends of The Steampunk Workshop:  Jigsaw Renaissance! Rehana and other folks from Jigsaw will be posting events and projects here on occasion and I expect to be presenting and hanging there whenever I'm in town. See

Yr Doin’ It Right #2 – Flickr Favorites

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One of my favorite late-night time-wasting activities is trolling Flickr for shiny bits. There are so many glorious puddles of inspiration nestled in photo sets and galleries, and I adore frolicking through them. I'd like to share with you some of my tasty findings in regards to vintage punk

Connections: Fashion, Social Networking, and Fabbing

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Source: AYYA Wear This morning I awoke to find that one of my bots had alerted me that someone at the Wall Street Journal used the word "Steampunk" in an article in the Fashion section. It was only a brief mention: A chief executive in the tech business may don Gap

Single Digit Nixie Clock

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Beautiful single-nixie clock made by Flickr user Blue_Metal. I really love the elegant way the circuitry is laid out. (via Hackaday)

Foundry Furnace Part 4 – Gasoline Burner

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This video is an overview of the gasoline burner systems and a test firing of the foundry furnace: Gasoline and Waste Oil Foundry Furnace from Jake von Slatt on Vimeo. Jake von Slatt's gasoline and waste oil foundry, tour and test firing of the gasoline injector system. For the