The Wandering Blogger: Meredith is now on the road

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There comes a time in every bloggers life where we sit back at work in our comfy chairs, clad in our finest pajamas, and query ourselves: sure, this is great, but what have we done for the readers lately? Surely, they deserve more than a simple re-post, the internet’s version of a subtle approving head nod.

So, what to do? 

AHA! Thought I. I will sell all my belongings, hit the road, and go meet other Makers!

The first part is done. At the moment I am in LA, at some big crazy artists warehouse thing (they just find me, I don’t know). In mid October I will be in Austin for Maker Faire.

Between now and then? That’s where you come in.

Do you have an awesome project you want seen on Steampunk Workshop? So awesome, or so weird, that it should be seen in person? Have you built a great workshop of your own? Is there a community workshop, craft group, or otherwise in your town? Has making stuff (steampunk or no) totally taken over your life?

Let me come check it out! Granted, I’ll want a little information first. Send me the basics on your project/group/shop, where you are, and whether or not you plan to rend me for my highly-profitable internal meat organs, and I’ll get back to you. No, really! I want to see what you people, grand readers, are up to!

Though, no matter how thorough your full-size steampunk rendition (including cast) of the Bates Motel is, I would probably respectfully decline.