Jigsaw : a physical wiki, a work in progress

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Jigsaw Mural! Willow here, of Jigsaw goodness. You haven't heard from us in awhile, but that's because we've been going throughsome major growth spurts. Murals, zombie camp, building work tables, getting a class pet, more and more classes, making our Kickstarter (!!!), and lots of new rad people. Phew.

The space operates as a physical wiki – except for member desks, you can move or change anything, if you think it will operate better in that way. Over time, placement evolves to best use for people who are most active. (We took this idea from our parent space, Bucketworks. If you're in Milwaukee, check them out!) Which is rad… except that it's more difficult to track changes in a physical wiki than it is on the traditional online format. To that end, we've started using Yammer. It's Twitter for set groups – super useful.

. . .

We've had some lovely people sign on to help us out – a secretary, and hopefully an intern starting next week, two new bloggers (Brian and Matt, you'll start hearing from them here soon!), and someone who compulsively takes care of tools (score!).

The lease has been resigned for a year, so we get to tear out the ramp, put in a lift, install a mezzanine, put in that kitchen, and paint the walls.

It's time for another big push in the land of Jigsaw. And we're kicking it off with Lady Gaga appreciation night on Wednesday. Come on by, watch some music videos, and play some rockband.