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Apparently, It Is On!

Our favorite Professor is calling out Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer in true Chap Hop fashion! It. Is. On! I was most fortunate to met the Professor in person at the Steampunk World's Fair last year and it seems that we will both be in attendance again this May. Huzzah! 

Steampunk Fortnight on Tor.com

My apologies for being a bit late with this for Steampunk Fortnight at Tor Books has already begun!

Last year at around this time, Tor.com was deep in the throes of Steampunk Month, our first attempt to focus on a specific topic for a short period of time and see what we could say about it. A year later, steampunk is still hunting for the tiniest glimmers of recognition within mainstream culture. Whereas, in our corner of the world, you can’t take more than a few steps without encountering a glittering new dirigible or an old standby whose brass accents are being buffed to a high sheen. Everyone has an opinion about steampunk these days.*

Be sure not to not miss SPWS friend Ay-leen The Peacemaker's essay and the sneak peek at Jeff VanderMeer's up coming Steampunk Bible!

Lighting From Oxford University's Museum

Wall Clock Steampunk lightAs you probably already know Art Donovan has an amazing Steampunk Art Exhibition at Oxford University's Museum of the History of Science. Today I am bringing you two of my favorite pieces from the show.  The show includes several amazing handcrafted lighting pieces with heavy use of metal and vivid burning filaments. The wall piece to the right is one of the more simple pieces, I could easily see this piece in a smaller study or library room. After the cut is a larger image of one of the more complicated works that would be great for a ballroom.

Tom Sepe's Steampunk Motorbike

UPDATED: See the Whirlygig Emoto tonight October 22 at the Charles River Museum of Industry in Waltham Massachusetts!

Wandering through the industrial neighborhood of West Oakland, You'll find more than a few warehouse art studios, each one filled to the brim with all manner of projects; from giant robots to huge metal art - and of course steam machines.

A few days ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited into the studio of one of the artists that reside there; a fine chap by the name of Tom Sepe. After sending out a call for willing subjects (aka, interview-ees), Tom contacted me and, with but a few words, lured me into his studio. Those words were simply: "Want to come see my electric-steam hybrid motorcycle?". He calls it the Whirlygig Emoto.

Steam Analytical Engine - In Progress


I have seen some ambitious steam projects and this one adds to the list:

So, it's not without trepidation that I say that it's time Britain built the Analytical Engine. After the wonderful reconstruction of the Difference Engine we need to finish Babbage's dream of a steam-powered, general-purpose computer.

The Analytical Engine has all the hallmarks of a modern computer: it has a program (on punched cards), a CPU (called the 'mill') for doing calculations and it has memory. Of course, it's not electric, it's powered by steam. But the principles that underlie the Analytical Engine are the same that underlie the computer I'm writing this on.

This project looks to be a bit pie in the sky, with a million $ price tag, which is why I love it! If you are going to dream, dream big and use the power of others to make it happen. The mastermind behind the project, John Graham-Cumming a coder/techie who started the project as blog post this is now gaining support.  On TWiT #269 the host pledged 1k to support the effort.

Information on how to support the project after the jump:

Mini Steam / Goth House

Just in time for Halloween, we have several new images from Liz Saxtree-Ford's miniature Steam Inn which won second place in an annual Dolls House Emporium's Creative Competition.The whole house is only a few meters high and wide.  Everything you see is on a very small scale and the details are amazing. Liz describes the house as a Gothic pub with a twist with a steampunk look," a cross between the traditional and a Victorian scientific explorer." Many more photos along with a description on how the house was built are after the jump, Enjoy!

Get the Whirlygig to the Museum

[Another Kickstarter project I'm backing: my friend Tom Sepe is trying to get his Whirlygig Emoto to the CRMI]

How do ya get a steam-electric hybrid motorcycle across country? With your help! (and a very strong box!)

The Charles River Museum of Art and Innovation's new exhibit: "Steampunk, Form and Function" is hosting a design competition and my bike, the Whirlygig Emoto, needs help getting there!

She'll need a custom crate and rush shipping in order to make it to Massachusettes by October 22nd, the opening of the exhibit! The money will help pay for the crate and the shipping to and from the Museum . . . 

Charles River Museum of Industry--Steampunk: Form and Function

[The following is a press release for an event at the Charles River Museum of Industry in Waltham, Massachusetts - Jake]

An Exhibition of Innovation, Invention and Gadgetry

At The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation’s new exhibit Steampunk: Form & Function – An Exhibition of Innovation, Invention and Gadgetry, sponsored by Steampuffin (www.steampuffin.com), modern technology meets the Victorian era.

Inspired by the works of authors like Jules Verne and H.G Wells, and grown out of the world of science fiction, Steampunk has become a cultural phenomenon like that of the punk rock movement of the 1980’s or the goth movement of the 1990’s.  

. . .

Here we go . . . Castle's Steampunk Episode

A kind and competent portrayal, but I can't help thinking that we could use a nice juicy scandal or two! ;-)

Virtuoso - Help Kickstart this Open Source Business/Comic/Universe!

Nearly there with 3 days to go!

There are a lot of really neat things out there tagged with term 'Steampunk' but very few of them are as truly wonderful and unique as "Virtuoso," a Creative Commons licensed comic from friends Jon Munger and Krista Brennan

Jon and Krista are hoping to Kickstart Book One of the series, they have already completed the prologue and it is as engaging as it is beautiful. I'm in, and I hope you too will help them bring this marvelous project into the world!

The story: Jnembi Osse is an inventor in a world run by springs and ruthless expansion. She is the kept woman of the vast Mahanake Empire, held in a sequestered University to churn out military and civil inventions. But Jnembi has a secret.

Rather than endlessly revisit her old rifle designs, Jnembi builds a printing press a single person can carry on her back. It's small and simple, and violates the draconian laws of the Empire. Books are the purview of upper class, and copying them is ruthlessly suppressed.

Win a von Slatt original! To sweeten the deal and in addition to the offered rewards, the single largest contributor will receive an original Jake von Slatt creation! This will be a piece that is just staring to come together on my workbench as we speak.  I'm not sure what is is yet but it fits inside a #2 Bell Jar and will look great on your mantle! 

Details after the cut . . . 

Strowger Switchgear

I just finished a project for Jeff VanderMeer's Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities and while I can't show you the sculptures I made (we're saving that for the book's debut) I can tell you that one of the pieces exemplified a new aesthetic for me, sort of an early 20th Century electro-mechanical style which I want to call Electropunk. Unfortunately that moniker is already in use as a variant of Synthpunk, so it remains un-named for now. Anyway, here's a video of a Stowger switchgear phone system. I used components similar to these in the piece I made for Jeff's latest book.

Abney Park's HMS Ophelia Remix by ~Delen

I was looking through a collection of steampunk city skylines and came across this great remix of Seattle Area Band, Abney Parks, dirigible the HMS Ophelia. Enjoy:  The name of the piece is HMS Ophelia by ~Delen on deviantART

One more image after the jump & a link to see 16 more steampunk skylines.

Steampunk Around the World - Holland

This is really amazing and delightful! I had no idea such things were happening around the world! - Jake

Davy writes:

Last Sunday we had a floralparade in Valkenswaard, Holland with a group of 25 steamers. 
Our group of builders made tree wagons all in steampunk style for this event. 
We won 5 prizes:
1th Price
Publics Favorite
Parade Favorite
Square Favorite
and highest scaffold

Click through for more pics!

Victorian Marquetry LCD Monitor

Jonathan Writes:

. . .I'm a computer engineer and cut marquetry part time so i decided to combine the two and fashion a monitor of my own. It's seemingly a lot more difficult to get good quality brassware here in England than it is in the states so i made it all in wood, veneered in burr walnut and inlaid with yew wood marquetry and box wood stringing, finished with brass handles and finials. I know its not quite typicaly steampunk but it is a faithfull (ish) reproduction of a Victorian toilet mirror, complete with drawers and as i have never seen one done quite like this i thought it worth sharing . . .

It sure is worth sharing! It's gorgeous!

Click through for a bunch more pics!

Hey guys I made a TreeHat

Hey guys, I made a TreeHat!



More pics after the cut . . .


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