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Craftsman Compressor Seal Repair – My First CNC Part!

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Some time ago I rescued a Craftsman air compressor from a dumpster. It was one of the cheap oil-less compressor type and the silicone rubber seal around the air outlet tube was blown out. I managed to repair the connection several times but my fixes would never last. I

Meet the Petrojvic Blasting Co.

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In a whirlwind of music and airfaire I found myself in Seattle very suddenly this last week; riding tandem bikes through the rain and busking. Somewhere in there – a few places in there- I encountered the Petrojvic Blasting Co.; an L.A. based jazzy/balkan/gypsy group. Accordians, horns, lyrics of shark

Flaming Lotus Girls fundraiser ‘In the Red’

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This last summer I spend a good amount of time working with The Flaming Lotus girls, an industrial/large art group in San Francisco.  This year they (we, I suppose) made a sculpture called Timpani Lambada, the largest  they've ever built. The piece was amazing, and really a testament to

Steampunk on WCVB-TV Boston’s Channel 5 Chronicle

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Here are a set of links to the steampunk episode of WCVB Channel 5's Chronicle Magazine: WCVB's Chronicle – Steampunk – Segment 1 (I updated the link above but the other segments no longer seem to be online. 🙁   ) WCVB's Chronicle – Steampunk – Segment 2 WCVB's

Brass Scarab Brooch

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In the comments about my CNC mill project over at Hack-A-Day, Jarkman posted a link to this really beautiful CNC'd brass scarab brooch and I can't help thinking that this would make a lovely computer mouse too!

Quick Prescription Goggles

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I'm interested in applying the Steampunk aesthetic to daily fashion, but I am not so interested in Steampunk costuming so I really only wear goggles when I am cutting steel or brazing with my oxyacetylene torch. But since I wear glasses, when  I do use goggles to protect my eyes I