A Visit to the Seal Cove Auto Museum

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This past August the ladies and I took the bus up to Acadia in Maine for a week long vacation.  We stayed at the Bar Harbor KoA  and had a lovely site right at the water's edge.  While we were there we visited the Seal Cove Auto Museum on Mount

Help Our Hackerspace Build a Kitchen!

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The Hackerspace I belong to in Seattle, Jigsaw Renaissance, is in need of a culinary laboratory facility, colloquially know as "A Kitchen," so that we can add the preparation of comestibles to our maker repertoire. Also so we can bake you cookies. Lovely prizes are offered for your tax

Flexi PCBs version 2- StarBoards!

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I'll start where I left off. Previously, I was using the sharpie resist method. Good for rapid prototyping, but bad for precision and reproduction. The answer? Put the stuff through the laser printer, obviously. I made a template in Illustrator of all the parts I needed to make the

The North Skirt

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It's finally finished, and that means, I finally get to show it to you. The NorthSkirt is a soft circuit project that incorporates my redesigned flexible soft-circuit boards (now, StarBoards), a hacked NorthPaw kit, and a strong desire to have a soft-circuit project actually DO something. What does it

Sew-through Soft Circuits

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Your mostly-humble narrator I've had an off-and-on love affair with soft circuits since I became aware of them. Unfortunately, all the pre-made boards for soft circuits are clumsy (being traditional hard PCBs) and finnicky (hard to keep a good connection) to use. Being a good little hacker, I decided

The Cog is Dead

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The Cog is Dead is a time traveling band with a bit of a musical identity crisis. Formed in Grimsby, England in 1893, the Cog is Dead have traveled to various points of time in an effort to save clockwork mechanics and steam power! Along the way they have

Steampunk Form & Function Design Competition

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The folks behind this Steampunk Home and the Organ Computer desk we covered earlier are organizing a Steampunk design competition along with several other Steampunk notables. Bruce writes: Sponsored by, Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, ModVic, LLC, Steampuffin and Brute Force Studios,  Steampuffin’s 1st Annual Steampunk Form & Function Design Competition brings together outstanding Steampunk design innovations, details the

Introducing The Bodice Rippers

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I've been waiting anxiously, a-biting on my finger-nails for the Boddice Rippers first EP to come out. It has, and now I can finally share with you my new favorite local bay area band. I would describe them as Tom Waits meets Decemberists meeets bluesy-night-night-club if they had a

The Future of SteamPunk Fashion — SteamPunk Magazine #7

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Our own Libby Bulloff has a wonderful article in the current issue of SteamPunk Magazine. Libby makes the case for what needs to happen for Steampunk to become a sustainable style rather than mere and fleeting fashion. Within, she examines current trends in Steampunk dress and warns that: We’re

New England Steampunk Festival at the Charles River Museum of Industry

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From the flyer: Jules Verne meets modern technology during a daylong festival at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham. Enjoy hands on activities, interactive exhibits, vendors, live music and more at this event celebrating everything steampunk!   This looks like a lot of fun! Click on the flyer or download the PDF for