Flaming Lotus Girls fundraiser ‘In the Red’

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This last summer I spend a good amount of time working with The Flaming Lotus girls, an industrial/large art group in San Francisco.  This year they (we, I suppose) made a sculpture called Timpani Lambada, the largest  they've ever built. The piece was amazing, and really a testament to the group's strength and skill-set. They've gone quite a bit in the red and are having a fundraiser with that them Saturday, December 3rd that will be an awesome event- music by Ambient Mafia and Space Cowboys; as well as an art auction and photo show. Additional details under the cut. Free to attend with donations encouraged. 

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In the Red – Flaming Lotus Girls Gallery Show

Saturday December 3rd

SomArts, 934 Brannan Street, SF

6.00PM – 2.00AM.

Free to attend. Donations encouraged.

You need more art.  You want the Flaming Lotus Girls spread across

your wall, 24/7. Yes you do. And so do your friends. Come to our

photography show, buy our signed archival prints and have a damn fine

evening of dancing with Ambient Mafia and the Space Cowboys DJs.