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Here we go . . . Castle’s Steampunk Episode

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A kind and competent portrayal, but I can't help thinking that we could use a nice juicy scandal or two! 😉

Steampunk Around the World – Holland

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This is really amazing and delightful! I had not idea such things were happening around the world! – Jake Davy writes: Last Sunday we had a floralparade in Valkenswaard, Holland with a group of 25 steamers.  Paul Woldhek ( had arranged this all.    Our group of builders made tree

Steampunk Automata

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OMG! I am kind of speechless here, this is really, really cool. Be sure to click through to the creator's blog, there are a lot of other really amazing things to see there! – Jake

The Cog is Dead

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The Cog is Dead is a time traveling band with a bit of a musical identity crisis. Formed in Grimsby, England in 1893, the Cog is Dead have traveled to various points of time in an effort to save clockwork mechanics and steam power! Along the way they have

Steampunk Form & Function Design Competition

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The folks behind this Steampunk Home and the Organ Computer desk we covered earlier are organizing a Steampunk design competition along with several other Steampunk notables. Bruce writes: Sponsored by, Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, ModVic, LLC, Steampuffin and Brute Force Studios,  Steampuffin’s 1st Annual Steampunk Form & Function Design Competition brings together outstanding Steampunk design innovations, details the

The Future of SteamPunk Fashion — SteamPunk Magazine #7

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Our own Libby Bulloff has a wonderful article in the current issue of SteamPunk Magazine. Libby makes the case for what needs to happen for Steampunk to become a sustainable style rather than mere and fleeting fashion. Within, she examines current trends in Steampunk dress and warns that: We’re

New England Steampunk Festival at the Charles River Museum of Industry

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From the flyer: Jules Verne meets modern technology during a daylong festival at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham. Enjoy hands on activities, interactive exhibits, vendors, live music and more at this event celebrating everything steampunk!   This looks like a lot of fun! Click on the flyer or download the PDF for

Steam Trunk Industries Ratrod!

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I love Ratrods, but many of the ones that you see at shows have become so formulaic that I now find them dull.  Stream Trunk Industries has done a brilliant job taking the best of the mainstream Ratrod scene and blending in some Steampunk to build a car that

Victorian Organ Command Desk & Steampunk Home Tour

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You'll recall I recently visited the Steampunk home of Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum. During that visit Bruce showed me a partially finished project that I decided really needed a story of it's own when it was completed This is the "Victorian Organ Command Desk" that Bruce commissioned. It's made

The Steampunk Strat and the Creative Commons.

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I don't do commissions.  On occasion I will make things for interesting people and/or purposes but the true product of these efforts for me will always be the web page I write about the process rather than the sale of the item, which is generally made at cost or