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Steampunk on WCVB-TV Boston’s Channel 5 Chronicle

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Here are a set of links to the steampunk episode of WCVB Channel 5's Chronicle Magazine: WCVB's Chronicle – Steampunk – Segment 1 (I updated the link above but the other segments no longer seem to be online. πŸ™   ) WCVB's Chronicle – Steampunk – Segment 2 WCVB's

Brass Scarab Brooch

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In the comments about my CNC mill project over at Hack-A-Day, Jarkman posted a link to this really beautiful CNC'd brass scarab brooch and I can't help thinking that this would make a lovely computer mouse too!

Quick Prescription Goggles

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I'm interested in applying the Steampunk aesthetic to daily fashion, but I am not so interested in Steampunk costuming so I really only wear goggles when I am cutting steel or brazing with my oxyacetylene torch. But since I wear glasses, when  I do use goggles to protect my eyes I

It’s Steampunk Week at!

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I'm excited and pleased to see that friend-of-SPWS, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, has taken the helm for this year's Steampunk Week at Tor Books blog!  With steampunk “hitting the mainstream,” the big question nowadays has changed from “What is steampunk?”* to “Where is it going?” To help address this question,

Splendid!! Professor Elemental

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I was sorely dissapointed that I was not able to spend  time with the lovely Professor Elemental at the Steampunk World's Fair this year. I only got the briefest of "Hellos!" in as we passed in the hallway heading to our events. It's nice to see that the Professor

The Oomphalapompatronium!

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My friend and fellow citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Len Solomon demostrates his Oomphalapompatronium! 

Fanboy Confessional on SPACE TV covers Steampunk

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Last year a film crew from Canada rode down to The Steampunk World's Fair with me in the bus. They spent the weekend documenting the event and the result is set to air in Canada on July 13 on SPACE channel.  It looks like a great show!

Seriously Gorgeous Steampunk Guitar

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Phil writes: Hi Jake Just finished a sort of "future steampunk" guitar build here: Lotsa pics on the last pages, thought you might like πŸ™‚ Cheers Phil Oh yes! I like it A LOT!  You should really follow Phil's link for the EPIC construction detail!  – Jake.  

The Steampunk Bible

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The Steampunk Bible is out! I helped connect Jeff and S.J. with people doing cool things in the movement and I wrote what I hope is the definitive candy tin etching how-to for this book. Our fashion editor Libby Bulloff also contirbuted articles and LOTS of shiny photography, including

Steampunk Postcoloniality

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My friend Jha Goh of Silver Goggles has a great guest posting over at STEAMED! Steampunk, from the outside, looks like it’s all about Empire, you know? Charles Stross, famous very important science fiction literary figure, had a rant about it, which I think really points to two things: the