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Gianni Fanelli: Dream of iron

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From Social Design Zine in Italy comes this article about sculptor and metalworker Gianni Fanelli.  It appears to be a review of the artist’s recent show and the reviewer clearly liked what they saw – at least that’s sure what it looks like to me viewing the Google translated

Ira Sherman’s mechanical sculptures: yes sir, may I have another?

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Entombed in an ancient Geocities site, Ira Sherman’s mechanized sculpture (Google-cache) is unsettling in a very seductive way. It’s as if medieval doctors were transported to some futuristic-sounding year (what is that year, now that we live in 2009?), given free reign to unwilling subjects and a metal shop.

Dig my grave with a lacy shovel: The art of Cal Lane

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Cal Lane is quite a lady. Oxy-acetalyne torch in hand, she intracately carves out lace-like patterns out of shovels, wheelbarows, cars, and most impresively- full sized I-beams. Just looking at her work, I wish i was able to experience it first hand- These formidable, unwieldy, solid hunks of steel