Quaintrelles, Dandies, and Flâneurs #2

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Time for another installment of my vintage punk street fashion column! Sticking with casual menswear, I'd like to introduce a gentleman that Jake and I acquired this past summer at the Bay Area Maker Faire. This is industrial designer Noah Beasley, originally hailing from Denver, CO. Noah does groundbreaking things with 3D metal printing to create jewelry with a sci-fi flair. He also rocks the geek chic to the elevens.

We shot these photos a few weeks ago outside of the Oddfellows Building in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

One of the best ways I've found to accurately convey a classy vintage punk style is to embrace time-honored trends (like traditional, tailored menswear), and then crank them up a notch with a slap of funky color. Noah is the ninja of cobalt blue.

Noah is wearing:

  • Grey pinstriped vest – No label, Goodwill, $3
  • Dickies work pants – Ross, $10
  • Brown leather ankle boots – No label, Ebay, $20
  • Black dress shirt – Thrift store, $3
  • Fingerless gloves – H&M, $5 for two pairs (Noah snipped the fingers off regular gloves to make these)
  • Futuristic glasses – Goggles4U.com, $30

This outfit is proof of two things. Thing the first: Let me introduce you to neutrals other than sepia and brown that still make you look like you've slipped out of a vintage photo. Let's talk about grey and black. Still timeless, still deliciously desaturated, but I tend to prefer grey gradations because they look excellent adjacent to wild pops of brilliant color.

I love lacquered, manicured fingernails on gentlemen of all genders. Yum.

Thing the second: Noah's outfit was entirely secondhand or on sale, but it doesn't look it. Scouting for basics like vests and trousers at thrift stores or discount shops can be a superb way to pad a bare closet. Just don't forget to accessorize with attention-drawing items, such as Noah's unique glasses, acquired online at Goggles4U, which is a wonderful discount specs shop (and reveals just how marked-up glasses prices can be).

Check out Noah's 3D printed metal jewelry at his Etsy site. For more photos from my street fashion series, head to Flickr.
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