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Frankenstein PC Mod – most awesome Steampunk PC yet!

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Dana Writes: Hello, My name is Dana Mattocks.  I am 99 percent done with this SteamPunk Frankenstein Computer. This took me about a year to build.   Hopefully you will like.  I have a few more effects to finish.   Kindly, or Holy cow! this is awesome

Steampunk Monitor Stand

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Some of the very best letters I get come from people who have built things to give as gifts, a case in point: Dear jake, I really have enjoyed your site, especially the bus conversion.  I really like how you talk about using found objects and have so many

Alternative to Typewriter Keys

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Marcus writes: There are only so many broken typewriters in the world – so it’s going to be difficult to get my hands on a decent set of keys.  You can’t get them on ebay here in Europe, importing them from the US would’ve been hilariously expensive – so

Mad Uncle’s Webcam – For Sale

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Mad Uncle Cliff blogs: My first steampunked webcam – tested and fully functional. I call it finished but I will probably cloth bind the cable. Now this one is for sale. I have decided to fund my Dremel set with the sale of this ‘one off’ design steampunk webcam.

Workshop Telephone

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I started this project quite some time ago, in fact some of you may have seen it at Maker Faire back in May.  Originally, this was intended to be an example of ‘how to steampunkify an object.’  The idea being that by removing the casing and exposing the interesting

YASPKB! Yet Another Steampunk Keyboard

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Here’s another Steampunk keyboard, and one of the closest copies of the original I’ve seen to date!  I was alerted to it by the creator of this wonderful example – Peter Sztojanov jr. from the beautiful city of Budapest – who commented on my MySpace page. There are quite a

Small form factor keyboard and monitor

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Here’s a nice little keyboard and monitor set from Daniel Pon.  I particularly like the small form factor, I have a Happy Hacker KB kicking around the shop that I might do something like thing too.

Antipodean Steampunk Adventures

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Cliff writes: Just thought you might be interested in one small part of steampunk in Australia. the photo is of my computer build, I have yet to add power supply, monitor, keyboard and mouse – but they are coming along nicely.   Your work and your site are well

Jules Verne Casemod

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Jon dropped me a quick note with a link to pictures of his winning entry in the xLAN case mod competition. It reminds me of my own water-cooled PC project from a couple years back, only with clockwork and way more awesome!  Thanks Jon!

Victorian All-in-One PC

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The inexorable march of technology has rendered my 4:3 aspect ratio 19″ LCD mod and my pump-less water cooled PC obsolete, so when I saw at 24″ wide screen monitor on sale for $299.00 I grabbed it with the intent on making a Steampunk All-in-One PC.   The first