Antipodean Steampunk Adventures

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Antipodean Steampunk CasemodCliff writes:

Just thought you might be interested in one small part of steampunk in Australia. the photo is of my computer build, I have yet to add power supply, monitor, keyboard and mouse – but they are coming along nicely.
Your work and your site are well regarded here in Australia and often discussed by the 'Antipodean Steampunk Engineers'.

Thanks for the photo and kind words Cliff! 

This is one of the more unique casemods I've seen and I'm quite impressed!  The large disk at the back contains the motherboard, the cage at right is the memory chamber and contains the hardrive and the copper tube front and left of center is the USB hub.

I can already hear John Brownlee over at BBG lamenting the lack of a brain in a fluid filled jar!

Cliff has  more on this build here: