NIMBY Appeal

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Hi Everyone! Since Meredith wrote about the fire at NIMBY last week things have been moving at breakneck speed!  The principals are busting their asses to relocate into new and better space and there is no better time to contribute!  Meredith and I just sent $100 their way and I’d hope that anyone dropping by here with the means to would join us in supporting the folks that gave the world so many cool things like the Neverwas Haul and the Steampunk Stagecoach Puppet Theatre!

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usWe are rolling out a campaign to make this move happen for NIMBY. The minimum amount of money we need for moving is $50,000. NIMBY must pay another $30,000 in rent to get up to the end of the lease. Then there are the NIMBY monthly expenses, the actual cost of moving itself, and development costs to get the new space set-up. All things considered $50,000 is a low ball number to get us started – but if we can raise that we know we can pull this off.

If 1,000 people donate $50 – we will reach our goal. Who remembers a Thanksgiving or a Christmas at NIMBY when you had nowhere else to go? An art piece created at NIMBY that gave you “one of those moments” on the playa? A time when Snook helped you with trucking, let you use his tools, gave you the part you were missing, fed you, or helped you out when you needed it? We only need 1,000 of you to step-up and donate. Snook and NIMBY have taken care of far more people than that over the past 5 years.


Download this flyer, post it on your blog, email to your friends, print it and give it to someone who will donate. And lets give props to Rachael for learning photoshop to bring you this flyer and Norville for making the NIMBY logo look so cool on fire.