Dual Power Kerosene Electric Lamp

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I found a truly hideous table lamp at the dump last week. The bottom half of it combined with this huge #3 burner will make a very nice reading lamp.  The burner is quite a nice one and came from Lehman’s a wonderful source for kerosene lamp burners, chimneys and just about anything else you’ll need.

This lamp was built before I had created this website so these are the only pictures I have of the construction process.  The components of this lamp are all steel which solders very nicey if you use a good flux but really needs a coat of paint to look good.  In this case I used a Krylon gloss black fast drying enamel and intend to add decoration in the form of decals in the British canal boat art “Rose and Castle” style.

Here is the completed table lamp. The base has been painted black and a shade has been added. The shade came from a hanging electric light I picked up at a garage sale for $2.00. We used this lamp when we went camping a couple of weeks ago at a primitive campground in New Hampshire. It cast a very nice warm light that was bright enough to comfortably read by kerosene table lamp
This lamp also has a couple of 12 bulbs for use when there is power.  I’ll put a switch in the brass collar that supports the shade and then run a cloth covered cord to a suitable connector. table lamp with 12 volt bulbs