Etsy Fashion Finds #1

Author: | Posted in Fashion, Steampunk No comments is indubitably Mecca for handmade steampunk clothing. Here are a few awesome pieces I dug up this morning. If you have any favorite Etsy sellers or items, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Read on for details!

Thank you.




1.) Wool Gabardine Dress Coat by MacheteNSons, custom sizing, $189.00
2.) Short Front Long Back Tiered Chocolate Brown Skirt with 2 Roomy Pockets by beyondclothing, One size fits some, $52.00
3.) Mad Science Blouse by VoodooLounge, custom sizing, $75.00
4.) 19th Century Mechanics Hat or Wheel Hat by sewinghistory, custom sizing, $55.00
5.) Spiderweb Wrist Ruffles by OpalMoonDesigns, 7" circumference, $25.00
6.) Mixed Media Aviator Vest Top by attiliadesign, size XS-S, $225.00

Shiny, and all made by hand!

Thank you.