Welcome to Jigsaw Renaissance!

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Hi Everyone! I'd like to introduce you to Seattle's latest Hacker/Maker/Community Space and good friends of The Steampunk Workshop:  Jigsaw Renaissance! Rehana and other folks from Jigsaw will be posting events and projects here on occasion and I expect to be presenting and hanging there whenever I'm in town. See you there soon! – Jake


Jigsaw Renaissance is a cooperative interdisciplinary makerspace. We're about sharing tools, sharing ideas, and sharing expertise to realize those ideas. We hope to connect the do-it-yourself communities here in Seattle, whether they're interested in steampunk, electronics, crafts, programming, music, science or anything else. We also strive to reignite a passion for learning, and a belief in the malleability of systems: the ability to use things as you see fit, not only as they were intended.

I'll be keeping you abreast of our adventures and our progress – how we're building our space, what we're building together, and how we're working with our community here in Seattle.
So if you're in Seattle, drop by and check us out! The place is a
little tricky to find due to construction, so here are directions. We'll be giving a tour of the space at 4 pm Saturday, January
30. We're also planning a demo of an EEG (brain wave detecting)
and a lesson on the Scratch programming language. You can keep an eye on our calendar for future events.