Flexi PCBs version 2- StarBoards!

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I'll start where I left off. Previously, I was using the sharpie resist method. Good for rapid prototyping, but bad for precision and reproduction. The answer?

Put the stuff through the laser printer, obviously.

I made a template in Illustrator of all the parts I needed to make the NorthSkirt.


I then very carefully cut a 8.5×11" sheet of Pyralux, put on some gloves, and scrubbed it with a brillo. Of course, this caused the material to curl. After some gental coaxing, it was flat enough to make my only jittery when I pressed 'print' instead of, you know, total nervous break. This stuff is, after all, kind of expensive.

It worked great. The toner makes a good resist for the ferric chloride, and the printer makes it possible to print out many many boards out with relative precision. After a few batches I got my printing and etching down and now can make them with some modecum of ease.

Why StarBoards? The star etched in the pads indicate positive. Handy!

These particular boards are single LED boards – however, the way I designed them, they can accomidate any SMD from about 0603 to 1206. Meaning, I can use them as for LEDs, resistors, buttons. I hand soldered them.

Lastly, I want to announce that I will be selling a limited number of StarBoard beta kits on my Etsy store! I would love to get feedback from SPWS readers.