Swing-arm Kerosene Wall Lamp

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Here’s another real quick project, the two donor lamps are below, both came from our town dump this past weekend.  This will be my first lamp with a glass font.  Furthermore, this font has a hole in the bottom so I will be making liberal use of the non-traditional material; GE Silicon II Sealant.

A donor lamp another donor lamp

The first step was to dis-assemble the two lamps.  I didn’t strip the lacquer off of either because I won’t be soldering anything but the #2 burner collar.

attaching the base

I used the lower brass cap from the floor lamp and a conical piece from the junk box to sandwich the bottom of the glass font.  I used lots of silicon seal and tightened this very gently.

 view inside  sealing the base

Then I piled silicon seal all around and over the 3/8″ threaded pipe that holds the font to the swing arm.  Update: this worked for a while but the silicon eventually failed do to the constant contact with the kerosene.

 soldering the collar  mounting the collar


Next I soldered the #2 screw collar to the brass cap and used more silicon seal to affix it to the top of the font.


Swing-arm kerosene lamp

Here’s the finished lamp full of kerosene.  It’s been sitting in my garage for two weeks now with no sign of a leak.  I would like to add a shade to this lamp, but I haven’t decided what kind. I’ll post a picture of it when I do.