Halloween Decorations 2006

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Well, we haven't done a Steampunk Hallowe'en yet – maybe next year.  This year's the theme is "Pirates" of course.  It's a big year for Pirates.

This is Geoffrey, he's a version of the Phantasmechanics Flying Crank Ghost .  Click to view the movie.

There's a bit more tweaking to do to, his movements really need to be spookier, but I'll take care of that on Tuesday when I set up for the big night.

Hallowe'ens Past:

Here are some pictures from past years:

Dark Mark and Graveyard fog

This was last year and the theme was Harry Potter (the girls are big fans).  The digital camera seems to pick up much more of the ultraviolet light then the human eye does, the scene was not nearly so bright as you see here.  With the naked eye one could only see the Dark Mark over the roof, you couldn't see the purple light on the side of the house or the bottom of the shower curtain the Dark Mark was painted on.

The rest of the lighting is done with kerosene lamp – the only incandescent light in this picture is my daughter's bedroom window at the upper left.

witch on the roof

This is our witch which was replaced last year with the Dark Mark.  She's made from styrofoam.

witch foam template

I took a photo of my daughter flying on her broom and then edge enhanced it in Paint Shop Pro to get an outline.  Then I used the grid system to cut out the pieces of foam which I glued together with construction adhesive.

our first graveyard

The was our first graveyard.  The web material you typically find in the store does not glow well under UV light.  I sprayed it with a solution of laundry detergent and water to get this effect.


Happy Hallowe'en !