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On the road to Maker Faire: Airships in Albuquerque

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On the road to Maker Faire: Austin I realized I was happening through Albuquerque just in time to see the largest gathering of hot-aired wind-bags since the Republican National Convention (ba-dum-ching!). But seriously, folks. I tried my best to channel my inner Ford Prefect and smooth talk my way onto

SPWS at Maker Faire: Austin!

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I’m still wandering around the country, but on October 18th and 19th I will be wandering somewhere in particular- somewhere awesome. That place is, of course, Austin, for Maker Faire!  Maker Faire in San Francisco was full of awesome- stuffed to the mechanical gills with projects, geeks, geeky projects,

My travel journal: A steam/circus anablog

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Like towels, a hard-cover sketchbook is a most wholly useful object to have-  they’re good for killing obnoxious mosquitoes, trapping bits of paper and tickets in a single place (and not in the laundry), keeping track of who has offered you a couch and a hot meal, impromptu tables…the

The Wandering Blogger: Meredith is now on the road

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There comes a time in every bloggers life where we sit back at work in our comfy chairs, clad in our finest pajamas, and query ourselves: sure, this is great, but what have we done for the readers lately? Surely, they deserve more than a simple re-post, the internet’s

Help save NIMBY after the fire

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A few days ago, NIMBY, a warehouse near and dear to my heart, survived a fire. However, due to the fire, the owner of the building has decided not to renew their lease. They are now trying to find a new space. NIMBY is an amazing place- Alan Rorie,

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

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Hidden somewhere in Los Angeles is a remarkable place: a museum, of sorts, but more of a walk-through enigma. The building itself is identified only by a standard ‘Museum’ sign outside. Just chancing by, you could never guess what’s inside: this is the Museum of Jurassic Technology.  Entering, the whole

The Man’s Heart, part three: what goes around?

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The plan, or at least, what I had been calling a plan, pretty much had ended here: the three metal parts had been designed and cut, with great thanks to the water-jet friend.  They fit together, but really weren’t a machine, yet- rough and already rusty, it was time

The Man’s heart, part two: Moving between two worlds

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I’ll say right now where my machine expertise lies: old, beated down, barely working things that I can fix or at least mutate into some other whirling, spinning thing. Bicycles, covered in grease, hacked apart and put back together. Old Volkswagens. Unidentifiable hunks of wires and gears. Ethereal computer

The Man’s Heart: New Kinetic Project – Part One

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I was commissioned this year by the Burning Man project to create a very special project: a beating, kinetic, heart for none other than The Man. Being on the build team for Mr. Splinters (El Hombre del Fuego, Dude Man, The Great False Idol) I was honored and wanted

Agatha Heterodyne and the Voice of the Castle

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At Comic-Con this year, Phil Foglio was kind enough to give me a copy of the newest Girl Genius book. I've been a fan of the series for a while, flitting in and out as my time and internet connection would allow. But with this book, I'm hooked!  The