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Amazing Craigslist ad: ” A gentleman’s eclectic rare book library”

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I can't believe I stumbled upon this. If there's any time the internet can come close to the joy of finding a discarded love letter or lost writings of a crazed man, this is it. It's $300,000 dollars worth of rare books supplemented by a 3900 word Craigslist ad

Discovery’s new show- Weaponizers

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Jake and I are having a bit of a discussion on the Discovery Channel's latest ploy to appeal to our nerdly senses. The show is called Weaponizers-in short, teams outfit vehicles with radio controls, fill them to the brim with gigantic (yes, real) guns, and then blast the living

Ani Niows steam-powered, erm, ‘magic wand’

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This thing is amazing, but seeing as how this is a family-friendly website, I have the full post over at my personal blog,

Amazing color photos from the 1940’s

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  I've been spending the last couple hours flicking through this goregeous set on Flickr. It's been uploaded by the Library of Congress and is comprised of about 2000 images from the 1940's- in color. They're beautiful and entrancing- they range in subject from urban sprawl to wild west;

JG Ballard, Sci-Fi author, died today.

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The news has just broken that JG Ballard, one of the most influential sci-fi (and otherwise) authors, died this morning after a long battle with illness. He was most widely known for his books Crash and Empire of the Sun, but his short stories are powerful and elegant. I’m

Steampunky Brewster

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Flight Recorders are the new black

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I’ve been geeking out really, really hard on flight recorders lately. My next project is related, and I’ve been tracking down as much information as possible on these amazing things. You know what I’m talking about- black boxes. They often offer key audio and  to any doomed flight.  I’m

Magic Eyes

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(image: cyclopian overload magic eye) It was in Boston, and I was wandering up and down Center St. in search of a cup-o-joe and a bun. My spidey sense tingled and I turned: across the street, the silent siren-song for makers: a big, handwritten sign ‘FREE’ above a pile

Epic Storefront

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  I spotted- not that you could possibly miss it- this storefront in Tokyo. It’s a comic book store called Mandarake, which is supposedly the biggest comic book store in tokyo. The actual store was about 4 flights downstairs, and also had an amazing selection of vintage toys. They

Ira Sherman’s mechanical sculptures: yes sir, may I have another?

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Entombed in an ancient Geocities site, Ira Sherman’s mechanized sculpture (Google-cache) is unsettling in a very seductive way. It’s as if medieval doctors were transported to some futuristic-sounding year (what is that year, now that we live in 2009?), given free reign to unwilling subjects and a metal shop.