Gianni Fanelli: Dream of iron

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steampunk pinballFrom Social Design Zine in Italy comes this article about sculptor and metalworker Gianni Fanelli.  It appears to be a review of the artist’s recent show and the reviewer clearly liked what they saw – at least that’s sure what it looks like to me viewing the Google translated version:

The work of Gianni Fanelli has the substance of dreams (I already said the title of the exhibition) is air and light, elusive, but also the strength and concrete ferramenteria, with its brave solders, the riveting, the bolts, rivets and zippers. The Demiurge is moving with ease in her world of oxymoron, among creatures’ hydraulic ‘light and heavy, with the myths of’ transformation ‘that leave slip meanings suspended between’ field ‘and’ spirit ‘.

Regardless, the work is beautiful and I particularly like this Steampunk pinball machine with it’s anthropomorphic wooden legs!

(Thanks Dario!)