Steampunk Scooter in Japan

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James writes from Hirakata, Japan: Hey!  Big fan of the site and of anything and everything steampunk…Funny thing is, there are so many people who are straight-up steampunk without even knowing that such a cult underground exists.  For example, when i was a teenager, I modified a 13inch TV

It’s About Freedom, Sir . . .

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We’ve seen this gentlemen before here at The Steampunk Workshop. He is Stephen Fry and in addition to playing the inimitable "Jeeves" in the ITV version of P. G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster he is a supporter of free software. The GNU organization has, created, nurtured, and fought for

The Music of Mr. and Mrs. Hazelwood

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I’m not sure how to categorize these two – also, I’m not a music critic so I just don’t have the language.  Think Squirrel Nut Zippers with some Goth influence.  It’s neat stuff, old timey but with a nice edge. Have a listen here It is my understanding that

Books: The Cruise of the Alerte – E. F. Knight

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The Cruise of the Alerte is one part travel guide, one part high seas adventure, and one part farce. It is the story of E.F. Knight, an English writer and lawyer in 1889, who receives a map that claims the location of buried pirate treasure and his subsequent adventure

Velokraft No Com – WANT!

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WISIL HPVers is one of the best sites on the net for information about recumbent bicycles.  I’ve recently managed to get sir CodPeace of The BostoDelphia Blog interested in them and he sent this link to a review of a bike that I must have. This bike was conceptualized

The Apocalypse Will Be Slow and Boring

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In 1978 James Burke produced and narrated a series on the history of science called Connections. It’s a wonderful series and I highly recommend you get a hold of all three seasons. But right now, watch this video about technology traps.  You’ll get the idea after the first ten

Toyota Sienna Evaporative Canister (P0446) and SVS Valve Repair or Think Like a Maker

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Update: The procedure described below did fix the problem and the repaired SVS valve lasted for about 18 months before the vehicle started throwing the same code. I replaced the SVS valve with the one listed below and the car has not thrown any codes for the past two years. If

Abney Park Interview with Rebecca Firth

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Captain Robert  of the band Abney Park talks to Rebecca Firth about their music and Steampunk in an Interview at YouFINDit. [For some reason they've chosen to stream the mp3 with the horrible Micro$oft Media Server so if you can't listen from the above page, gank the mp3 from

Steampunk Spectacular #4

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Steampunk Spectacular #4 is out at last!

Books: Perfume – Patrick Suskind

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Perfume, by Patrick Suskind, follows the life of a man born in Paris, 1738 with no personal odor; a disquieting feature that people only notice subconsciously. This man, John-Baptiste Grenouille is best described by Suskind as “one of the most gifted and abominable personages in an era that knew